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How Dating Married Men Can Simply Harm Your Life

Dating a married man has a likelihood of being a failure and leading to a dead end.There is no good reasons for dating a married man which is a vice in the society and also biblically.

Here are some of the negative consequences that you may reap from such a relationship:

You will ever feel guilty.Guiltness will always hit you so hard for breaking another woman's marriage.It will also come as part of willingness to be a participant in a man violating his vows and betraying the trust of his wife.The man will also never show you to the public as his family may be well known and utmost the public in the first place will not even accept you.

He is not interested in the long term relationship with you.A man who is in unsatisfactory marriage may be swept away by the great feelings you provide him. Don't mix up his affection for he is just temporarily in love with you.He is just looking for someone he can use to heal from his family issues.In this case,he will only look for you when he feels unhappy with his wife.

You will find yourself alone more often because his family will always come first.Cheating on his wife reveals how he handles any difficult scenario.You are a proof of his aversion to confronting unpleasant issues head on.Loneliness will also come as a result of you can't even call him freely as he may be caught,so even if you may be having an urgent issue it may be hard for you as he has set limits between you two.Hence it is better moving out of that relationship as early as now if you are in one because the end result will leave you into pieces.Never say you were never told

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