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Things You Are Doing That Make Your Men To Be Annoyed

They are things that you do that are annoying your partner.There are things which woman do that annoy their men and same there are things that men do that are annoying their women. Here are things that you do that are annoying your man.

1.Talking about your ex man.Your man get very annoyed when you talk about you ex man.

2.Leaving your underwear hanging on the shower.Some women have poor hygiene.They sometimes forget washing their bodies daily.What most they do that annoy men is by leaving underwear hanging on the sower.

3.Comparing her with other men.You need to understand the ability of your man and get satisfied to what he has.When you compare him with other men who are either rich or good than him, he get annoyed.

4.Doing plans without informing him.When you are planning, make sure you inform your man and you share the idea together.Share your secrets to him.Is you plan yourself alone by doing things without your man's will, he will get annoyed.

5.Disrespecting him.Respect your man.Listen to what he is saying and take action for what he has said.If you are not comfortable to what he has said, disagree politely.If you disrespect him, he will get annoyed.

6.Spending your time away without staying with him.Provide your man with your company by staying with him.Sit down together with him and discuss on family issues.When you make yourself busy to avoid your man, he get annoyed with you.

7.Preparing her food at late.Prepare him food early in the morning and in the evening.Make sure that he does not get to work late.If you make you man all time to late, he will get annoyed.

8.Not responding to his calls and text.When you are not responding to your man's call and text, you will make his annoyed.Reply to her test and answer his call.

9.Exposing her secrets to your friends.Exponging secrets of your man to your friends, makes her to be annoyed.

10.Changing television channel that he is watching.When you like changing television while your man is watching his favorite, he will get very annoyed.

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