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19 years old lady Confessed To Have Dated Four Men And Now She Is Guilty

Father figure in early stages of girls life is very important. Lack of father figure will make them to date several men while still young.

They date many men because there is a gap in their life. Even with many men in their lives the gup will never be filled.

These Comes after a lady confessed to a pastor about how she dated several men since when she was15 years and now she is 19 years old but she still feel void inside her.

According to her, she started dating men since she was 15 years old. But upto now none of them have fulfilled her. She is still void and even ruined than before and she is now guilty.

Her story is just but what may girls are going through out there. So when you come across them, don't condem them instead help them out.

What is your advice to this girl.

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