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Signs Your Man Has Another Woman

There are signs that can enable you know well that your partner has another woman.When a woman has another man, you can know from his signs and when a man has another woman you can know from his signs.Here are signs your man has another woman.

1.He become less interested in you.When a man become less interested in you, you can know well that he has another woman.He does not care about you as his woman or provide you with basic needs that are needed.

2.He focus chatting with somebody on social media all the time.He always spend his time chatting with woman on social media all the time without even talking with you.

3.He get out of the house when answering a call from his phone.When a call come from his phone, he get out of the house to answer it and does not want you to know who you are talking with.

4.He does not respect you as it was initially.When a man loves you, he gives you a lot of respect.But when he has another woman, he does not want you to speak anything to him or take action for anything you say.

5.He does not spend his time with you.He spend a lot of time outside to avoid spending any with you.

6.He always come home late.He always come home late in the house giving excuses with no reason so as to avoid you from asking him where he was.

7.He does not want to have sex with you.A man who does not want to have sex with you, has another woman.That means that he is satisfied with that another woman and does not want you anymore.

8.He does not smile on you anymore.He does not make you smile or laugh.He is always angry with you.

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