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What Are The Five Languages of Love? Everything You Need to Know About Love And Language You Speak

Affirmations People who use affirmations as their language of love value verbal affection, including frequent “I love you,” compliments, thanks, verbal support, and frequent digital communications such as text messages and social media attachments. Quality Time People whose love language is Quality Time feel most loved when their partners actively want to spend time with them and are always ready to spend time with them. They actively listen, make eye contact, and love it, especially when the ideal being is a key characteristic of the relationship. “This love language pays all attention to one special person without being distracted from the TV, cell phone screen, or other external distractions. They have a strong desire to actively spend time with their partners. To have meaningful conversations or share recreational activities, ”said Mahmoud-Sayed.

If your love language is service, you will appreciate it when your partner tries to make your life easier. Whether it's bringing soup when you're sick, making coffee in the morning, or dry cleaning after a busy day. “This love language is for those who believe that deeds speak louder than words. Unlike those who prefer to hear how much they care about themselves, the people on this list want to show how much they value themselves. These people value smaller and larger promises, an easier and more comfortable life, ”said Mahmoud-Sayed.

Gifts are the obvious language of love. As Chapman says, you feel loved when people give you a "visual token of love." It's not about the value of the money, but about the symbolic thinking of the article. People with this style recognize and value the giving process: careful consideration, conscious choice of the object that represents the relationship, and the emotional benefits of the gift. “People who have received the gift of love language love to be physical and meaningful. The main thing is to give them something meaningful that is important and reflects their values. It doesn't have to be yours, ”says Mahmoud.

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