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Signs your friend is fake or jealous of you

1 they don't celebrate you.

We all expect our friends to be there for us at all times. if your friend doesn't celebrate you when you share good news with them that is not a healthy friendship.

2 they always want to outdo you . having a friend who is competitive is always to your advantage because you will push each other to be even better. But there are those friends who are tying to copy you and they are jealous of you and that is not a healthy relationship.

3) They do not listen to you.

This is another good way of deciphering whether someone hates you. In conversation or when you give them advice, if the person does not listen to you, you should know there is something with your relationship. Your hater will look bored, disinterested and generally not pay attention to you when you talk to them.

4) if your friend is always aligns with you in public but always bash you in private they are definitely not a genuine friend. Maybe they are friends with you just because they want to benefit from your associates.

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