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Reasons Why Your Partner Will Be Forced To Leave You No Matter How Much They Love You

Sometimes you may be shocked when your partner dumped you for no concrete reason.Your partner might love you so much but there are some things that will force them to leave without telling you that they are going.It might not be your character traits.This is why your partner will leave no matter how much he loves and adores you.

1.He has gotten someone better than you.

Your partner will leave you if they got a better person than you.Someone who treats them better than you used to do.Know the likes and dislikes of your partner so that you don't do anything that will piss them off.Be a better partner because no one will settle for less.Sometimes ask them if they're fine.Don't assume that they are doing great.

2.They are growing tired.

This happens when you keep doing the same mistake and they forgive you.Even after promising that it won't happen again you still do the same mistake.People also get tired of doing good and ending up hurting themselves.They will leave because the relationship is one sided.

3.They doesn't want to leave you heartbroken.

Leaving someone you love may not be easy.Seeing them shed tears because of you might be the last thing they want to see.They will therefore give you a queenly/kingly treatment to blind you up.You will never know that they want to leave.You will be left wondering why they left because you didn't fight.It will not hurt you that much like violent break ups.

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