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3 Things That Destroy Most Relationships

1. Frequent distractions. There are very many things that can act as distractions in a relationship. Gadgets are the most common in the modern day. People have been addicted to social media that they forget to give attention to their partners. This way, your partner gets bored and after some time his/her interest in you dies and the relationship ends. No matter how busy you are in something, always remember to give attention to your partner. Spend some quality time with them.

2. Having very high expectations. You should never expect something eagerly from your partner when you are not sure they can provide. Men will expect ladies to do something for them when they have not told them about it. The same applies for ladies. How do you expect your partner to know what you want if you have not told him/her? Lets be realistic and avoid small mistakes.

3. Being too defensive to oneself. We all make mistakes and when we do the best thing we should do is ask for forgiveness. However, this is not the case in our relationships. One will never accept the mistake they have done. A thing that could have ended by just saying sorry escalates to a point where you hate each other. This kills relationships.

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