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How To Stop Caring What People Think of You

As human beings, we have a distinct desire to be appreciated for our intelligence, talent, personality and nature. However, when we start to rely on the people's opinions, we use their criticisms to shape our lives.

Here are a few ways to prevent this from happening so that you can be yourself:

1 Understand why you care to be able to loosen the grip

2 Realize that people don't really think about you that much as they are focused on their own worries

3 Stop apologizing for being yourself

4 Remember what is important to you and make it your main priority

5 Get out of your head to avoid over-analyzing everything

6 Be very conscious about who you surround yourself with to safeguard your mental health

7 Know that you have full ownership of your feelings

8 Change the stories you tell yourself

9 Get your expectations right

10 Engage in exposure therapy to get rid of your fears

11 Be your own friend

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