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Six Signs That Your Boyfriend Is lying To You

Honesty is one of the virtues that strengthen a relationship.A good relationship is based on trust and love.Whenever there is lack of honestly in a relationship ,then that automatically translates to lack of trust and respect between two individuals.When a spouse is lying,it means that he or she is afraid of telling the truth to the other partner.

When people lie to your face,there are widely recognized body language signs that can give them away.These are the six signs that your Boyfriend is lying to you.

1.He becomes more protective to his communication devices.

He will at all cost keep you away from his communication devices such as laptops and phones.

2.His stories and alibis don't make sense.

The stories he tells you don't add up and don't make sense.It is as if he is creating stories from his mind.

3.Your instincts are telling you that something is off.

It is good to trust your instincts.If your instincts are telling you something is not right,you should do some digging.

4.Repeating words and phrases,or stammering.

When attempting to lie on the spot, people often stammer to buy themselves more thinking time.

5.Unnatural pauses and clearing of throat.

Abnormally long pauses before answering a question can also indicate that he is not being honest.

6.He acts irritable and defensive when you ask him questions.

He hates whenever you ask him questions about his lies because the guilt Is killing him.He hates himself for lying to you and will lash out at you whenever you confront him.

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