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The Hidden Facts You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Player ( Three Tips)

Hello everyone, it's been a longtime before we posted anything in this page. Anyway i hope you are just doing fine. I know it's every man's wish to be a good cheater and the funny thing is that, no man is ready to be cheated with his girlfriend. Today i just thought that it's good if i write something about such a thing. Meanwhile, don't forget to follow our page for more tips.

Emotional distancing.

Most girls out there are looking for your affection. So you should try and do the opposite of what they want you to offer them. It's true that the least you will show your emotions to them, the more the will like you. The bad thing about it is that, such a method is only used to women who don't know thier value.

When you are with that girl who knows her value, it will be kinder difficult for you to use this method. This method is only good to those women who are super thirsty for attention and love. So if you want to be a great player, never show your feelings to girls.

Powerful socialization.

This is another thing that can help you be a great player. Players know how to make any woman to fall for them and that's through their powerful socialization skills. Before you just go around and start talking to women out there, first you need to understand how women work and what you should do so that you can attract them.

To add on that point, you need to create a social proof with women. By this, am trying to say that you should know the things that create validation. Once you create validation and a woman sees you hunging around with a bunch of women, she will also want to know more about you. This means you will be already creating attraction.

Rejecting rejections.

As a player, you need to reject rejections. I don't see if it's big deal if one woman rejects you. This is because, you have more than one option. So you should have more than one woman out there so that when one rejects you, you don't feel that pain too much.

Powerful players have their egos in check. So when such a thing happens, they don't see it as s big deal. Never be desparate over a girl. That's something most men don't acknowledge. Once she rejects you, move on and don't show her how desparate you can be.

That's all for today and am not trying to encourage people to cheat on each other but this article was meant for those men who think that it's like their women are playing with their feelings.

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