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We Got Into An Accident In The Middle Of A Selfie And My Husband Died On The Spot; Lady Narrates

Life is so beautiful when you have the right partner by your side.However, pain is inevitable when you lose that person that you so much love especially when having a good time together and the unexpected happens.

Meet Anne,a mother of 1 as she shares her story with Lynn Ngugi.Anne is Tanzanian by nationality but has been raised and grown up in Kenya.Her parents passed away in a car accident when she was very young and she was brought up by relatives.

In the interview,she says after school she started working in Nairobi.On a certain day,she went to Nairobi hospital to see a friend who was unwell and that's how she met her Denish husband who had come to pick a patient from his country since he was a doctor.

Afterwards the two started talking and with time they started dating.After a while the 2 tied the knot and Anne joined her husband in Denmark.The husband already had 4 girls and Anne also birthed him a girl."Life was so good and beautiful, since we both loved travelling we did that from time to time.The countries I have visited so far are uncountable,"Anne states.

At a certain time they went to Spain for a vacation.The couple decided to go to the beach and on their way they had an accident killing Anne's husband on the spot."This place looks like Naivasha lets take a selfie,"she recalls her last words to her husband. Anne was in ICU and in a comma for 14 days.She woke up and thought she was dreaming on being informed that her husband was dead.

It wasn't easy for her but with the support of her loved ones they buried her husband.After the burial everything hit her so hard that she became depressed.She even tried committing suicide thrice.At 1 time, she took an overdose of pills and fell unconscious on the floor.Just then 1 of the nurses in charge of her at home came in and called an ambulance.Anne was taken to a psychiatrist where she learnt how to appreciate llfe.

Currently she shares her story to encourage those facing hard moments telling them not to give up and to hold on to God.

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