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Marriage Without Love Will Lack Happiness

In a Christian wedding the bride and the groom promise to love each other untill death. Does that mean they are promising to have a feeling of love everyday. No, when they promise to love, they are promising to do loving actions for each other. They are promising to continue being kind, helpful, understanding, forgiving, and so on.

Will they have a feeling of love. Yes, but not all the time. On some days they will have an exciting, warm feeling of love, but on other days they may have some other feeling instead. Therefore, a husband and wife must continue loving each other in action.

Even when you feel like being selfish, choose to care about your partner. You can listen and try to understand when she speaks about her problems. You can choose to comfort her by doing the things she love, even when your feelings beg you to be selfish and unforgiving.

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