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How To Win a Lady's Heart Easily

Different ladies fall in love to men in different ways. Some get attracted to their outfit and outlook while others fall in love due to someones personality and many others. Some of the major ways of winning a lady's heart is as illustrated below:

Be a gentleman

Ladies want a man who can control them and not who they can control. They want someone who can be incharge of everything and avoid being selfless. For example while going for a dinner date pull out her chair and let her sit first and then let her be the first one to order this is being gentle.

Be protective

Always ensure that lady feels sucured while she is with you all the time. For example make sure you text her or call her every morning to ask if her night was fine and then in the evening to know how her day was and also telling her youre ready for assistance if she gets any trouble. By this you will easily win her heart.

Be complimentary

Always tell her how beautiful she is and how good she looks. Always compliment on her dress code how awesome she looks in the outfit.

Be attentive

Girls like men who take care of them and their needs. Don't ignore the small things she tells you because they will take it like you dont care for them.

Talk good of her infront of other people more so her friends.

Treat her nicely infront of other people and family also talk good of her to her friends and trust me her friends will tell her how you talk good of her and she will feel so comfortable being with you.

Be realistic

Tell her the truth and dont make her fall in love with a false persona since when she realizes it that will be the end of your relationship.

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