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8 Mistakes Women Do In Relationship The 6th Will Enlighten You

What makes a relationship work and what makes it end without any results? This is one of the main questions that must be troubling many young people as they have found themselves in this trap. In fact, like in Kenya, sometimes it leads to depression that, as a result, brings about murder through assassination or even partners committing suicide. A relationship should not be a thing to rush to and many people planning to marry or get married should consider this despite the big pressure exerted on them.

Women are sometimes the ones to be blamed as they play a big role in making sure that the relationship lasts a long time and they are always at their peak in that you can't recognize when it started or about to end. As a lady, sometimes you can't control them by the use of revenge techniques, but when you humble for a short period of time, they normally have the sense that makes them guilty. In fact, after they impose a voluntary correction, it remains permanent and they love you more.

Other ladies decide to punish their men, forgetting that you can't force a man to succeed. After some deep research, I have also got extra points to highlight that women do things that make their men even worse.

1. Secretly attempting to change the partner

2. Not appreciating the partner's efforts.

3. Being jealous of your partner's friends.

4. Ignoring your partner's space.

5. Not taking care of yourself

6. Always being negative minded

7. Comparing your relationships with others.

8. They don't inspire their partners enough to keep them.

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