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Why Choosing To Be Alone Isn’t Shameful

We do not want to feel bad about ourselves

In our society today, we have few things that people really expect from us, people expect use to grow up, get married and have kids. However after sometime, everyone realizes themselves and there are those individuals who do not want this, they may feel pressure from their family members and strangers.

When you are single, a lot of people will think that there is something wrong with you because it’s not normal in this society, so to avoid this, some will often prefer abusive relationship over solitude, it is more socially acceptable. But it better to be happy alone and peaceful than staying in an abusing relationship

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely

Loneliness is not a situation a person chooses to be in, they remain socially excluded, for them, their own company is not enough. A lonely person is looking for intimacy. On the other hand, a person who is alone chooses to be in this state and they can be perfectly fine not sharing their life with someone else. These are those individuals who enjoy their company, they are satisfied with their state and they have hobbies and interest. Lonely people are not satisfied with their life according to studies

Beings alone contributes to your growth as human being

To learn how to have perfect relationship with others, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself. Accepting your status and solitude will make you understand more about yourself and you can be very happy than married people. This is because you will not need to rely on your partner who may in turn start to define you to some extend

As we all know, we have a lot of freedom when we are alone, this makes us understand and learn who we really are. Single people usually rely on themselves and trust their inner voice that guides them. You can also make choices that are not influenced by an outsider.

Benefits of single life

These individuals are not stressed, they are focused about themselves, they have fewer distraction therefore they can focus on their tasks better, they have more opportunities to explore the world and have fun doing what they personally love, studies also show that single people are more into their family and friends than married people and lastly, they are more self sufficient meaning they have fewer.

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