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If a woman cannot answer this question, walk away.

If a woman cannot answer this question, walk away.

The question is that, what can you bring to the table?, Meaning that, what a woman can able to buy using her money after getting her end month salary.

You may find a woman is working in an organization but her salary is not on the part of the family needs.

She spends the money recklessly without knowing that a problem may occur anytime and find that there is no any savings she had.

This question it becomes so difficult for them to answer since they have nothing to say or to explain because it's atrue question.

Just like in the family, you ask your daughter or your son a question the pain you feel when he or she is not answering the question is the same you feel to your wife.

The reason why I am comparing the family and this is that, when the same appears you have to avoid the kind of that woman and walk away.

I am not writing this for just enjoyment but am doing this to advice those who has just fall in love now on how they should handle this kind of a woman.

Sometimes you may find that a man is earning good salary end month so he is in need with the of her wife, so I advice you to take this into consideration.

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