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6ways to know if a woman is serious about you

Are you ready for the next steps in a relationship but you are not sure if the girl you like is on the same page? Some girls will tell you how they feel right away, but your partner might let you know she’s invested in a more subtle way. Fortunately, there are some common things you can look out for to get a better idea of how she feels.

Here are 6 signs that a woman is serious about your relationship.

1. She responds quickly to your messages.

Pay attention to how long it takes her to get back to your messages. While you shouldn’t expect her to text or call you right away, she wil at least respond as soon as she can. Someone who’s serious about you won’t want to keep you guessing because they wil be excited to keep talking with you.

If she doesn’t respond for days at a time or doesn't seem interested in the conversation, then she might want to keep it casual.

2. She remembers the little details.

See if she’s giving you her full attention without any distractions as you’re talking to her. If she’s listening closely, she will remember the things that are important to you and keep them in mind for the future. Notice when she brings up the topic again or surprises you with something you talked about in passing since it means she’s attentive and cares about the things that matter to you.

Some people don’t have as good of memory, so don’t get discouraged if they don’t remember every little thing you’ve brought up.

3. She likes sharing personal space.

If she wants to feel closer to you, she will find ways to see you in person and spend time together. Even if you’re cooking, working, or just relaxing, she will still feel excited to share a space with you.

4. She shows you physical intimacy.

Notice when she scoots closer to you, cuddles with you, reaches for your hand, or hugs you. Even if it’s not sexual, a girl who’s interested in you wants you to show that they care, so they will feel more comfortable with public displays of affection.

5. She says “we” instead of “I.”

During casual conversation, see if she refers to herself individually or to you as a couple. When she uses terms like “we” or “us,” it shows that she thinks about the two of you together and doesn’t feel as anxious or avoidant of the relationship. However, if she refers to herself as “I” or “me,” it might mean she’s not ready to commit.

6. She includes you when making decisions.

It may be something as small as what outfit she should wear or as big as a career change, but check if she asks about your thoughts. That means she values your opinion and how the decision affects you as a couple. While she can still make decisions on her own, she cares and wants you to feel heard in the relationship.

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