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Dear Men There Are Three Types of Women You Should Not Allow Yourself to Fall in Love With on Planet

Dear Men when you are about to start a relationship there are types of women you should avoid. Nowadays not all ladies get into relationship because they are in love but because of wealth and money. So people should be very careful when it comes to marriage and relationship.

Three types of women you should not marry if you want a long term relationship. Woman who want you because you have money, woman who wants to marry you because you from a rich family and a woman who wants you to marry her because she has given birth already. These types of women will accept your feelings and later disappointment.

When you marry these types of women, you will have troubles in your marriage and the relationship won't last for long time. If you want a peaceful relationship, please marry a woman who truly loves you and cares about you. If you are a woman and marry a man because he has money, remember money can get finished and they are all vanity. Real love and trust matters a lot in a relationship.

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