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Why Every Man Should Avoid These 7 Types Of Women

1. The one who still talks about her past relationship and ex

Woman don't easily get over the past relationship and that is why it is dangerous to date a woman who still remembers her ex and sooner or later you may get the greatest disappointment of your life. When her feelings are still connected to some other person who is not you, then you are never going to get along well in the relationship. Unless she has moved on, and forgotten her ex completely, don't risk dating such a woman.

2. The one who wants to only remain a friend and not take the relationship further

Has she friend zoned you and you are still optimistic that things will change? Things will change and you will only be wasting your time for no reason. When a lady tells you that the two of you can only remain to be friends, it means she is just trying to be nice to you and she is probably having someone else in mind. Don't waste your time on a woman who has put you in a friendzone because you will only be wasting your time.

3. One Interested in what you have but not who you are

It is important for every man to use any method possible to know whether the lady is interested in what he has or who he is. Some women will only act to be in love with you when they see you as a man of substance. Try and be creative and find out whether the love is genuine so that you don't waste your time on the wrong people.

4. The busy type

Is she always busy and ever has time for you? If that is the case then, she doesn't value the relationship because everyone creates time for the things that they value. If she is always busy and never gives your time, please avoid her for the sake of your own peace.

5. The one that only calls when she needs a favour

There are some friends who will get to you when they are having a serious problem and they need help. If that the case with you and your woman, then know that you are really not that important. You only become significant when they are emotionally unstable or undergoing some crisis. Please avoid such types of women because they will only be wasting your time.

6. The insecure type

Is she insecure? An insecure woman will text you upto 30 times within an hour and call just to ensure and find out that there is nothing fishy you're doing. Most of the women that are insecure have probably been in bad past relationships and so That may affect and be projected in other relationships. An insecure woman will never give you personal space and this is not healthy for any man.

7. The type that is overly clingy

This type of women need a lot of attention and always want to be assured That you still love them. The act like babies and they really want to be cared for like babies and this is sometimes not a good thing. They may not understand that you are also human and need space.

Overly clingy women tend to also ha e some sort of insecurities and need constant reassurance that you love them. An overly clingy person will never give you space and sooner or later you will begin hating the relationship and that is why you should avoid an overly clingy type of woman.

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