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Divorce Affair

Different red flags in a relationship

Their sex drive is much higher or lower than yours.

There is no wrong amount of sex to have or not have but it is very important that you and your partner have the same libido. what if one partners desire is to have sex every night while the other partner prefers having sex only once or twice a month? It may lead to emotional pressure and conflicts at the end leading to separation.

They rush a new relationship forward too quickly.

For a well up relationship, it should take time to know each other. Rushing into marriage or a come we stay thing may later in life lead to total conflict because you never took each others time to get to know and understand each other and sooner or later it may lead to separation that will be very heart breaking.

They roll their eyes at you a lot.

Research has shown that among married couples rolling eyes at each other can be a common predictor of divorce. This is because in a relationship there must be respect for one another. rolling eyes shows clearly that the level of respect has gone down thus later may lead to conflict and divorce at the very last

They are mostly cruel to their parents.

Everyone at some point tends to have conflicts with their parents. But having unnecessary conflict with your folks shows lack of respect to them and so will you not be given respect. Later on leading to a family matter between your family and her family leading to separation at the very end.

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