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8 reasons why people ghost you

Ghosting is a situation where a person leaves you suddenly without any explanation withdrawing from all forms of communication. This mostly happens in personal relationships that leave you with unanswered questions that make it hard to move on. Self doubt begins to creep in and wounds are reopened. Here are some factors that contribute to why people ghost:

1. They're avoidant

Those who ghost you are more likely to have problems with intimacy, which explain why they leave a relationship that's getting close. They can be emotionally detached and have attachment avoidance style.

2. They play games

To some people, especially narcissists, relationships are sorely a means to satisfy their egos and sexual need. They're not interested in commitment or concerned with your feelings.

3. They're filled with shame

People with low self esteem or those who have had challenging relationships may feel shame if they feel someone will get to know them truly.

4. They fear conflict and confrontation

They may rationalize to themselves that they're sparing your feelings by not admitting that they no longer want to continue the relationship. However unfortunately this has the opposite effect.

5. Setting boundaries

If you have hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, then their silence is likely sending a message that they are done with the relationship.

6. Depression or struggling with mental issues

Times are hard these days and many people are struggling and many suffer mental depression. The cases have become rampant as many people commit suicide due to relationships and their stressful occupants. Some people can hide depression for a while. The ghost might be too depressed to continue and not want to reveal what's really going on in his or her life. There may be other life events happening as well that they wish not to share about, and thus ghost.

7. They're seeking safety

If you've been violent or verbally abusive, the ghost may avoid you in self protection.

8. They're busy

When you are not exclusive and acknowledge that dating someone else is okay, your partner may assume the relationship is casual. While dating other people you and your messages might have been overlooked or forgotten. Your date may have already moved on or just not made time to respond.

The main thing to realize is that in most cases, ghosting behaviour reflects on the ghost not you.

Stay safe and thanks you for reading. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

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