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Skin Care

Effects of Cucumber on Women

Women have a tendency of carrying ‘weird’ things in their handbags and pouches. These may range from bottles of perfumes, snacks, clothes, sandals and makeup kits.

It used to be somehow odd and uncommon until recently to spot a cucumbers stashed out in a woman's handbag.

In the mind of a pervert, seeing a cucumber in a female’s handbag still would elicit mixed reactions.

Different women go for different sizes.

A giant cucumber. Photo| Courtesy

We have those who like them small while others go for rather enormous ones. It all depends on how one plans to use this 'heavenly' fruit to achieve best results.

The fruit also come in many different varieties. We have the pickling, slicing, bush, dwarf cucumber and standard varieties.

The colors vary based on variety, disease, handling and age.

Of course when you think of cucumbers, you probably think of the classic dark green colored ones, but as Esther from Ongata Rongai says, color depends on a number of factors.

They also vary based on variety, disease, handling and age. Photo| Courtesy

She revealed that her number one accessory to go in her pouch is a fresh, green, succulent cucumber, especially when she is going at her boyfriend’s house.

The juice from the succulent fruit is her favorite. She ensures she squeezes it all out on a bowl and using a clean kerchief, she dips it into the syrup and applies it on her skin.

To her, the juice moisturizes her skin.

Photo| Courtesy

“A homemade cucumber toner help repair damaged skin, providing a cooling effect,” she said.

The skin of a cucumber also provides a relief to sun burned or wind burned skin. 

Cucumbers can be rubbed directly on the skin, over acne spots, or even put under a sheet mask while waiting.

Lack of proper sleep can lead to one developing puffy eyes. Applying cooled cucumber juice help in de-puffing the eye area.

Photo| Courtesy

The juices are rich with vitamin C and folic acid which not only reduce swelling in the eye area, but also soothe damaged skin and make your eyes look and feel refreshed.

Ladies also don’t have to carry a lot of makeup in their handbags, a cucumber, a leaf of aloe Vera or castile soap is enough.

You just mix the cucumber juice with any of the two above then apply it on the face.

The effect is so refreshing and makes one feel naturally beautiful and remains alert all day long.

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