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5 Ways to Know When You are Ready for Marriage

How do you actually know when your ready for marriage? The following are some of the reasons you can know if your ready for marriage.

Have rouded up 5 signs to help you tell if you are actually ready to get married.

1. You love yourself.

There is no way you can be happy with someone else when you are not 100 percent happy with yourself.Since marriage is between two people you actually have to first love yourself so as to be able to love someone else.

2. You're not still searching for a better half.

Tell us you have deleted the dating apps and stopped all communication if you are considering "for better or for worse" with someone else. When you are actually ready fir marriage you will find yourself getting away from dating apps if you've been using them.

3. You have no problem apologizing.

If you are talking on forever with someone, you must have the ability to look that partner in the face and say "Sorry for what have done". And it has to be sincere!.If actually you did something wrong to your partner.

4. You dont threaten to leave when discussions get heated.

If your having some issues with your counterpart you dont just threaten to leave. When you can solve such issues with your partner actually its a sign your ready for marriage.

5. You're financially stable.

This we are talking about money. This is one of the top reason couples break up with there partners. You do have to be financially responsible as a pair, and that means being able to openly communicate about all your joint and personal finances.

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