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3 Tips That Will Build Your Relationship

Are you having problems in your relationship?

Do you feel like letting go?

Do you feel your partner is unfaithful?

Do you long for a healthy relationship ?

A relationship will flourish when there's a mutual goal and understanding between you and your partner.

Below are simple tips to help you and your partner

1.CommitmentCommitment is an agreement to do something. This is the responsibility to your partner in terms of fairness, love , honesty and fidelity. Commitment restricts freedom of action ensuring happiness reigns in your relationship.

2.CompromiseCompromise is when you trust your partner even if you feel they don't trust themselves. Intentionally make a decision and stick with it ,this will always finds a win for both of you.

3. CommunicationCommunication allows both of you to explain your needs and wants respectfully. Always communicate with the intent of comprehending your partner. Speak out your experiences and how you feel. This will make your bond even more stronger.

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