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3 Reasons A Woman Leaves, Even If you have Money

Good day, everyone! It's another great day, and we've promised you a new story.

Nowadays, dating is becoming more difficult, and it appears that we are not putting up sufficient effort.

We often believe that poverty prevents us from having a girlfriend, but in reality, even those who are able to do so face the same difficulties.

That is to say, it is something that is becoming more common across all human races.

Here are some of the reasons why a lady can opt to leave even if you give her everything.

So take note and learn from our mistakes so you don't make the same mistakes we did by letting a woman go. We're always here to assist you in making the best selections possible.

As a result, we won't spend much time on the introduction. Here are three reasons a woman might decide to leave:

1. Untrustworthy associates.

Women, on the other hand, will always work in groups of pals. You discover that a lady cannot live without her pals.

This is always a wonderful thing until she starts listening to her friends more than you.

A lady should always listen to her partner more than she should listen to a third person.

It's even worse when her buddies don't have boyfriends. This meant that she would be affected quickly.

As a result, the best thing to do is to warn her about her female pals before things spiral out of control.

As one of the primary causes for a woman's departure, this is the most significant aspect.

When you notice her getting along better with her female friends than she does with you, take note. Warn her about them, and if they continue to bother her, let her go.

2. There are high expectations.

Everyone, after all, expects something at a given moment depending on their individual requirements.

It's also fine to hope for something you're not sure you'll get. But, once again, we never receive what we expect.

This leads to major disappointments, which can be tough to handle at times. But, kudos for reading this essay; you have learned something new today.

Now, when a woman enters a relationship, she does so with her own set of expectations.

And what if her expectations aren't met? She becomes bored and begins to believe otherwise.

This is something that will cause her to abandon you in favor of another man she believes is better than you.

You'll never be able to persuade a lady to stay with you if you're no longer making her happy.

At this point, we will advise you to release her as quickly as feasible. Simply said, don't keep her around if she isn't interested in you.

As a result, if you don't match the woman's expectations, know that no matter how hard you try, she will depart.

3. Your sexual game is at an all-time low.

Okay, we know you've been waiting for us to bring up the subject of sec, haven't you?

Okay, here it is, and we're only going to offer you a hint about it because the restrictions prevent us from going into more detail.

We understand that the primary reason you fall in love with a lady is so that you may play the sex game with her.

But what if you don't get to play the game you're looking forward to? It becomes a monotonous atmosphere. To avoid this, the woman must be capable of assisting you in playing the game without having to stop and tire.

It's what makes you want to date her in the first place. But keep in mind that she wants you to make her feel wonderful in the same way you expect her to make you feel good.

She begins to plan her next move as soon as she senses your game is low, which will lead to her leaving you.

As a result, make sure you learn how to prove your games so that you don't bore the woman instead of making her happy in the relationship.

Otherwise, she will abandon you due to a terrible performance. So, improve your game and make her pleased.

We hope everything up to this point has made sense. Please post any new questions in the comments area below.

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