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Husband and wife relationship

"My Husband Hit Me For Uploading My Photo On Instagram" Woman Claims

Marriage and relationship are sweet, when you fall in the hands of your soulmate. But if you fall for a serial cheat or someone who is not your one and only. There is no chance it will survive.

But to Tatu she has seen it all with her husband who hit her while in pain. In her Facebook account today's, she explain that she was experiencing sharp pain in her back due to disease she was diagnosed earlier. And this could not let her give her husband his congugal rights.

She went further to explain that, the reason she was beaten by husband of 8 years, is just because she uploaded a beautiful pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

Her husband hit her hard explaining that posting photos was for rich people and not her. And also she is entertaining other men while starving her marital rights.

She feels like leaving but since there was lockdown, she couldn't move. Also she was not ready to leave and left her children back.

Her mother in-law also was promising her that he will change and she should just stay because marriage is for worst and best.

She even went further to explain that if he touches her again, she will kill him, but too she feared to go to jail, and that's why she keep calm.

For real, many marriage suffer pain experience s but what can you advice them as the reader. Please share with me your experience and I will be thankful. Meanwhile be safe.

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