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Husband and wife relationship

I have found that most women (85%) suffer a lot in marriage Wake up

This thing has hurt me so much again and again, many women are being abused by their husbands without saying anywhere they know it is tolerance but they don't know they are killing themselves without knowing it hurts me a lot.

I have talked to more than 20 women most of whom are not happy with marriage or let's just say life they say they are enduring as the years go by they are under intense persecution, like raising a family themselves without the help of a father even a penny, being kicked out mercilessly IE evicted, insulted and despised, beaten so even being left with a disability, being burdened with the responsibility of raising the children themselves or abandoning the children the man disappears completely at home after ten to twenty years is the one who returns and the children enjoy it without the mother doing anything, 98% men unfaithful in their marriage, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS , and turned into his donkey mercilessly, in fact this thing has really hurt me most men are demons pretending to be human thus leading his sons to die quickly.

Women, wake up, there is more life than marriage, do not accept to die early.

This is an opinion for all women who are married and those who hope to get married, marriage is not suffering, marriage is not a cross, marriage is not tolerance and marriage is not necessary.

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