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7 Signs Of A Dying Relationship

These are the signs that are slowly and quietly done making your relationship weak and destroying what you and your partner share. They include;

1. You don't have many pictures together. Many people do not like being photographed and your partner might be one of them. However, if your partner is a selfie person who keeps his/her social media platforms loaded with latest pictures, you need to get out. If he excludes you from his pictures, it means he is ashamed of you and does not want people to know you are together.

2. You talk less and watch movies more. It is not good to spend most of your time on laptop or TV when in a relationship. Communication is a key thing in relationship and failing to talk much will definitely end the relationship.

3. You never fight or get into arguments. You need to know that quarrelling in a relationship is good and healthy. If you have been having too much peace of late then something is wrong with your relationship.

4. You don't give each other hung or kiss. Although showing love doesn't mean giving each a hung or kiss all time, intimacy is still important. Love can also be shown by other ways like buying a present. If all these are absent, then your relationship will soon be no more.

5. You don't care about each other's success. If your partner does not show interest in your achievements or talents, they do not appreciate you.

6. You lie to your partner frequently. Lying frequently shows lack of trust and security in a relationship. They may seem harmless but too many of them can signal a serious problem in your relationship.

7. Your parents disapprove your partner. If your parents disapprove your partner strongly and keep showing you dislikes, just end the relationship.

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