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Why You Always Get Rejected By Women As A Man Anytime You Try To Find The Love Of Your Life

Human being are always known to be living a social life and interaction between each other is almost mandatory. Due to this, there is always an urge to find a opposite gender with an aim of finding a life partner so as to settle down as a family.

However, this always comes as a challenge to most men as they find it difficult to approach women who they have interest in, in some cases, most men get rejected by women. Here might be some reasons why you always get rejected by women.

1. Poor outfit and fashion.

Most women love fashion and attractive attires,thus such things always draw the attention of most women. In order to win a woman's heart, you must always ensure you give her a good positive impression,that is, ensure you are looking neat in your first date.

2. Looking dull and lacking confidence.

Most women love men with confidence and preferably humorous men. Women always love to be entertained, and once you are able to make her smile or laugh,then there are chances you are winning her heart, looking dull and showing lack of confidence in you will chase away the lady and most likely she will reject you.

3. Having bad breath or body odour.

Women always love things with nice scent. According to a study on women psychology, a nice scent will always remain in the brain of most women and thus the chance that she will forget about you are very minimal. Appearing before a woman with a bad smell will piss them off and this will make her reject you.

4. Poor pick-up lines.

Once you approach a woman, always ensure your pick-up lines are good so as to draw her attention to you. Bad pick-up lines will bore the woman and automatically she will lose interest in you. So always ensure your pick-up lines are cool and entertaining.

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