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Opinion: 7 Habits that Could Ruin your Marriage

If you can not make your relationship more strong these seven things will damage your relationship and end up without a healthy family.

1. Compulsive

Things like social media, food, drink, narcotics, and gambling become addicting to the point where you forget you're married or have children.

It's not good that some couples spend more than half of their days on their phones than their spouse or wife. Because your complete focus is now directed on anything other than your wife or husband, it makes you appear as if you are married to a third spouse. Avoid being hooked to something that causes you to lose touch with your partner or family. Remember your family first and foremost, and never add anything to your life; such things have killed and damaged countless relationships and marriages.

3. Avoiding Intimacy

When it comes to things that couples undertake in marriage, why will you avoid your partner? When it comes to intimacy, avoiding your mate can only damage your marriage and may cause your partner to think outside the box or go for it elsewhere, which could lead to adultery.

Some people refuse to have intercourse with their spouse or wife because they are not in the mood, but this may not be the issue; instead, it may be your attitude toward your partner.

This isn't something you need to do all of the time. When it comes to the basic things couples get married for, you're starving your partner, which isn't a nice thing to do if you appreciate and cherish your relationship or marriage. Everybody should submit love to each other as you grow together.

3. Ignorance.

Any friendship or marriage can be destroyed by a lack of communication.

No matter how busy you are, learn how to communicate with your partner. Allow yourself the opportunity to speak with your spouse and learn about their feelings. You can contact your partner through social media, text messages, or phone calls.

This will assist you in making your relationship or marriage more loving. When it comes to a relationship or a marriage, communication is critical despite the distance. Show your partner that you care and support each other in every need.

4. Behaving as if your partner is a foe.

For 24 hours, don't become upset or treat your partner like an enemy, regardless of the misunderstanding or dispute you have with them.

Because they get irritated, some people go weeks without speaking to their spouse or partner. This is completely incorrect, and it could jeopardize your relationship or marriage even further.

In a relationship or marriage, you're not intended to regard your partner as an enemy, thus if you truly love and cherish your relationship you should quit having this negative attitude. Never be furious for more than 24 hours. Have time for your family at any time you feel free.

5. Ignoring The Minor Details

Your yes should be your yes, and you should be a man or woman of your words. Learn to keep your word when you make a promise.

Changing your mind or forgetting your vows could lead to a squabble in your marriage, which you know isn't ideal. As a result, learn to speak with authority and be a trustworthy person.

6. Allowing a third party to stand in the way of your relationship.

For better or worse, marriage exists. Never allow anyone to get in the way of you and your wife; regardless of the misunderstanding, learn to resolve issues on your own.

Don't let your friends or family members influence you to begin a dispute with your wife or husband based on what you hear from the outside world rather than what you hear from the horse's mouth instead, learn to trust your partner above all others.

7. Fights for no reason at all.

Before you disagree with your partner, consider whether you are correct or incorrect.

Will I be satisfied if my boyfriend treats me this way?

Is it worthwhile to wage this battle?

Fair guidelines are being fought:

Instead of attempting to be correct, focus on finding a solution to the issue. Think about how your lover feels. One issue at a time should be resolved. Don't bring up anything from the past. Personal insults and criticism should be avoided at all costs. Use no guilt, threats, or emotional blackmail as a form of authority.

Also, following a misunderstanding, never try to avoid or silence your partner.

Couples sometimes have disagreements or minor conflicts in a relationship but you should never remain silent or avoid your partner after a miscommunication keep together and solve. I appreciate your taking the time to read this. In Jesus' name, you will succeed in marriage.

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