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Never Trust Your Woman If She Shows You These Signs

There are signs which your partner shows you that can make you not to trust her.There are signs that your man shows you and makes you not to trust him and there are signs which your woman shows you that can make you not to trust her.If your woman shows you the following signs never trust her.

1.She comes home late everyday.She always come to home late everyday claiming that she has important issues outside there while made her to come late.

2.When someone has called her over phone, she move out of the house to receive it so that you can not here who is she talking to.When a call come from her phone, she go outside to answer it where you can not here who is talking to her.

3.She spend most of her time online to chat with many people you do not know.You always fine her busy chatting online with many people including other men you do not know.

4.She smiles on other men while you are watching.When she sees other men, she smiles while you are looking.Means she has relationship with other men and you should not trust her.

5.She does not respect you fully.She does not listen to what you are talking or take any action for what you have said.She comment before you finish talking.

6.She does not spend her time with you.She makes herself busy so as to avoid spending time with you.She always ignore you.When you try to tell her to come and sit down to have a discussion, she excuses herself that she is busy.

7.She denies you from engaging sex with her.When you want to engage sex with her, she deny you claiming that she is not in mood.Means she is satisfied with you.

8.She does not smile on you.When you tries to make jokes and funny to make her laugh and smile, she does not smile.She always become angry.

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