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Husband and wife relationship

"My Wife Left Me After I Introduce My Side Chick To Her And I Wany Her Back," Man Says

Marriage is very sweet when you find you soul mate. But when you fall to a series cheater, you will become heartbroken and even wish to never get married again.

However there are those who like to stay single, to many reason better known by them.

Today on Radio jambo, One man confess that his wife leave him after introduced his side chick.

He explain that he brought his side chick to his house knowing that the wife is out. But things got worse when the wife came early and found them on their matrimonial bed.

The man decided to introduced the side chick to his wife, but the woman didn't even say anything but packed and leave.

The wife never came back or communicate, and also the 'Mpango' was after his money because she too left him.

He now want his wife, he has learn the hard way. And am sure he will never have extra marital if the wife will consider to come.

Am also urging men to love their wife and never have extra marital affairs, because the bible says that a woman will leave his parents and woman too leave her parents and together become one.

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