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Men; Check Out These Three Things That Women Observe When You Meet For The First Time

First impression is always an important thing which everyone should make sure it's appealing. It matters a lot so it's important to ensure the way you approach a woman makes sense to her.

Good appearance talks better than your actions or words because it exhibits the outward part of you. Obvious an unkempt look is a direct turn off which drives away ladies. 

There are various things a lady notices once you approach her. These include;

1. Height. 

Of course ladies have a good taste in tall and dark type of men. That's what she considers the most before making any other move. The assessment gives an idea whether to agree with your proposals or decline. 

Obvious it feels weird to date a shorter guy than you. So to avoid such embarrassments, they go for the taller ones. However height is something natural which can't be changed by anyone. 

2. The shoes and clothes. 

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to dressing. Some prefer those bad boy styles, official looks or just the usual free modes. But the quality of what you wear matters because girls use it to measure your level of income. 

Make sure you check on your wardrobe frequently inorder to maintain a smart fashionable outfit when going to meet your girl. 

3. Hair. 

It's the hygienic part of it, which requires one to have a kept clean hair. If your head is dirty, unshaven and stinking, the girl will definitely be disgusted by the appearance. It shows that you're careless person who doesn't invest in himself. 

On the other side, you can prefer to keep dreads, clean shaves or any other presentable options. This is a sign of a serious guy who is concerned with his personal development. 

Thus be mindful about your first sight impression to avoid losing the chances. Be a guy who lives by his own principles, has life guidelines and knows how to get a woman's attention. 

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