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5 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Has A Low Self Esteem And How To Help Them

Having a low self Esteem is lacking confidence in oneself, about who you are and what you can do. Low self Esteem is very common and it cuts across in the same measure across all genders.

It is even possible to be in a relationship yet you lack confidence and the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities. In this article we are going to look at the most common signs that your partner has a low self Esteem and the nest way to help them overcome that.

1. When they always over apologize

This is one thing that is common when a person has a low self Esteem. No relationship is perfect and there are times when you will offend your partner and apologizing is the best thing to do. An apology that is sincere and from the heart doesn't need to be over emphasized.

People who suffer from low Esteem tend to feel so guilty and will over apologize and thus sometimes may even irritate the other person. In this case it is good to assure such people that you've accepted their apology and also make sure you make him or her feel accepted even after hurting you.

2. Accept defeat in an argument even when they are right

Sometimes you would wrongly accuse them of anything and even knowing very well they are right, they will chose to remain silent and not do anything to try and justify themselves. In an argument they are willing to lose the argument knowing precisely they are right.

This is a clear sign of low self Esteem and lack of confidence in oneself. When dealing with such people ensure you first of all have facts before any argument. Also learn not to over impose your personal opinions on them because but try and accommodate their opinions also.

3. The way they speak

They often feel like what they are saying is not important and so he way they express it is not even right. People with low esteem tend to speak in very low voices so as not to be heard because they don't at anytime believe they CA say anything important. Even when no one hears what they are saying, they still are comfortable with that.

4. The way they walk

The way a person walks in a great way can tell you whether it not the person has a high or low self Esteem. This body language clearly tells a lot about a person's personality. A poor walking posture is a result of fear and someone not believing in themselves.

They are not willing to stand tall and be seen. Even when you walk with him or her, you will find his or her head buried to the ground instead of an Upright kind of posture. It is important to assure such kind of a person that you believe in them and that they are worthy.

5. Trying to be 'helpful' and 'kind'

Is it very easy to think that a person with a low Esteem is very kind. As a matter of fact you may not easily differentiate between acts that show kindness from those that show a person has a low Esteem but there is a very huge difference.

A person with low self Esteem will stand and allow you to sit in his or her chair not because they are actually kind but because feel not worthy. It is this sense of feeling worthless compared to others that makes it looks as if their are kind. Again in this case you have to assure these people of their worth and their value.

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