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Guys, Here Is How Ladies Test You Before They Decide To Fall In Love With You

Love knows no boundaries to whatever person. Ladies just like guys too develop feelings for guys only that they first have to evaluate before they poor out their feelings. Before they decide to tell you that they like you, the will first make you go through a series of silent tests that you may not be aware of. Below are two common tests that most ladies employ to see if you are fit to be their partner.

1. They will ignore your texts for some days. When a guy crushes on a girl, the first thing he grasps is the phone number. You may however be disappointed that she is not texting you back or not taking your calls. Sometimes this is a test to see if you are really interested in her. If you are, you will be persistent even when rejected.

2. Another trick used by girls is spending a night at your place. By doing this, they study your character, how you carry yourself and your behavior towards her. If it is foul, then you are unlikely to win her.

Always be keen to study some simple tricky moves so that you may be on the right side. Don't forget to follow my page so that you can be notified when new articles have been published.

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