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Ways You Can Become Charming When You Are Around Women.

Ensure that you put away your phone.

That's the first thing you need to do if you want to become charming while around women. Using your phone isn't a bad idea but don't let it carry you away.

Don't be that type of man who can't do without his phone. Your phone should be mainly used in communication but don't let it distract you when you are still searching gor your better half.

What i would advice you to do is to avoid carrying your phone when going to public places. Your phone maybe the main reason as to why you are still single till today.

When a woman notices that you are busy with your phone, she won't bother interrupting you. It will also be a disadvantage to you since you won't be able to see beautiful women passing around.

Ensure that you smile at strangers.

When you are that type of man who likes to smile, you will be able to attract a good number of ladies. It isn't a must that you smile to a person you know very well.

If you want to meet knew people, it's good to smile at strangers. Those are some of the things that can help us when we want to make a move. So when you are gloomy, there's no way she will want to see your face twice.

After you have ensured that she has seen you smiling to her, you can ask her if she would mind having a conversation with you. Provided she has seen your smile, i don't see a reason as to why she should turn you down.

You should own your flaws.

No one is perfect in this life. So never shy away while trying to share your flaws to her. Provided she is that type of girl who understands, she will be ready to be with you and make you a better man.

Women are usually comfortable when they are around a man who is so much open to her. Doing such a thing shows that you are confident enough and that you know your true self. If she isn't shy, she may let you know about how confident you are.

If you want any woman to open her heart to you, it's good you share some of the things that she may find them weird. You shouldn't care that much about the consequences that will come later. Winning any woman's heart is just like taking risks.

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