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Married Woman From Muranga Busted In The Act With Neighbor's Son

Cases of infidelity have now risen beyond restoration. Some leading to deaths in love triangles while others leaves victims living very shameful and regretful lives in the society.

A 42-year-old married woman known as Monica Wagairi from Gitweku,Murang'a County, has been caught in the act with a 19-year old boy,her neighbor's son. It is allegedly reported that this have been her norm since it isn't been the first time Monica have been busted doing the unfaithful act.

It all started when curious neighbours spotted her alongside the young lad getting into her house and wasted no time locking all the windows and the door from inside.A group of curious men tiptoed to the door and forcefully stormed in the house finding them deep in the act.

She will be presented to Nyumba Kumi men after angry mob wanted to teach her a lesson but luck struck her for not being charged with sexual harassment since the young lad was termed as an adult by the law,19 years old.She is known to her neighborhood for enticing and luring young men with money in return for sex.Her husband have not yet commented on the shameful act.

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