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Why you shouldn't date your friend's ex

In a relationship it is wrong to go out with your friend's ex for a number of reasons.You have to think about it before making that decision.Put yourself in the same shoe first,what if the tables turn?how would you feel seeing the person you once shared intimate encounters moving on with one of your best friends?it indeed hurts.Dating your friend's ex partner is all wrong for the following reasons:

1.You will never be able to trust him

They broke up for a reason.Thus could make you doubt him hence having trust issues.

2.Are you sure of your own feelings

Take some time to think about it.Befire making any decision be honest with your feelings.

3.Are you willing to risk your friendship with your friend

It is important to think about the outcome of losing your friend.

4.Your friend could not be over the breakup

Your friend may be in need of your support during that time.Seeing you move on with their parents could make them hurt even more.

5.Your friend could still be having feelings for their ex

Have a conversation with your friend and find out where their feelings lie.If they are still having feelings for the ex then it is a red flag,don't make a move

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