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Ask her this question before agreeing to date her (Important)

Ask her this question before agreeing to date her (Important).

Most guys tend to take things so obvious with Women. They think that a woman, being that she is pretty and much attractive, it is obvious that she deserves to be dated.

Sometimes it is not what you think about her, we want you to take time and study her to know more details about her before proceeding to date her.

That is why we thought it is good we bring you this question to ask a woman. So ask her this, "What will you bring to the table?"

It is a simple question but very demanding. You don't need to date a wonderful who will not bring anything to the table.

A relationship is like a two way traffic where both of you deserves the best from the other. You need her as much as she needs you.

Now, in situations where you ask a woman this question and she is unable to answer, just walk away because you will simply waste your time if you decide to date her.

A man's time deserves to be handled with care because you have so many things to think of.

Therefore, walk away if she can't answer the question. A woman is supposed to bring the following to the table;

1. Peace.

You deserve to be in a peaceful relationship with her. Not one that is full of blames, stress and depression. If she can't offer you peace, then let her go.

2. Cooperation.

A woman is supposed to be your reflection. She must do what you tell her to do. That is what makes it a relationship. Otherwise, if she starts opposing you in everything, walk away.

3. Consistency.

A good woman is supposed to be consistent with her man. If she isn't consistent with you, you have to walk away.

Those are the main things a woman is supposed to bring to the table. If she cannot even make an attempt to answers the question, just walk away.

A good woman knows exactly what a guy expects from her. Meaning, she is not well prepared to be in a date if she can't answer that question.

Thanks for reading this.

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