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5 Common Signs Of Infidelity Indicators

How do you know if your partner is cheating? If you find yourself asking this question it either means that you are either a victim of infidelity or you might suspect that something is wrong in your relationship.The signs are different in each relationship but here are the common threads you can look for. 

The 5 common sighs of infidelity include:

1. Emotional Intimacy stars fading . Usually when the relationship is new, the sense of attachment is usually intense in the first few months but as times goes by we learn to trust each other and share the secrets and be vulnerable to each other hence we gain emotional Intimacy. When your partner seems less emotional and vulnerable to you as they used to be before, it clearly shows that something is not right or your partner might be having an affair.

2. An altered schedule. This is a clear indication that occurs when your partner starts having altered schedule. For instance if your partner used to be home early then all of a sudden they start working late which occurs more frequently, they may be lying. They may come up with an excuse of abrupt business trip. This is an infidelity indicator since your partner might be having a weekend getaway with an affair partner. 

3. Secretive phone use. Unfaithful partners tends to use their phones more frequently than before , for instance taking it wherever they go even to an extent of going with it to the washroom then that is a warning of infidelity. 

4. Improved appearance. If you are used to a carefree partner who never mind what they put on then they start dressing in an appealing manner, you might be curious about what has changed about them. If your partner is not the type who uses cologne then from nowhere they start using it, it can clearly portray a sign of infidelity.

5. Secured phone or computer passwords. If your partner never used to mind about a password then they start having a password and when you question about it, they become hostile to you, this clearly shows a sign of infidelity. 

The above sighs are the major indicators of infidelity, you can share and leave your comments below. 

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