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How To Know She Is In Love With Your Money

The word ‘gold-digger has spread worldwide to refer to women who want to be in romantic relationships with men for their money. Some women pretend to be innocent and nice until they have you right where they want you then they bring out their real selves. A woman’s charm can be deceiving when you are new to her and haven’t had the time to know her better. 

Here are few ways to know whether she loves you or your money.

1.     She is always asking for money favors

A woman who loves money never shies away from bringing up an excuse to borrow money. There’s always an emergency every so often. Furthermore, the money borrowed is never repaid. 

When you ask her what she spends the money on, she never gives you a straight answer. Although when you look at her life, you’ll realize she’s living beyond her means.

2.     She never offers to pay for anything

Never once will she agree to take care of the bill after dinner or pay for her shopping. Whenever she needs something that costs money, she’ll find ways to bring you along so that she won’t have to take care of the expenditure.

3.     She is spendthrift

The ideas of creating a savings account or investing in a business never cross her mind. She spends her days on the internet looking to find more ways to waste than creating money. She never budgets for anything and almost always spends her money unwisely.

4.     She does not work 

Pursuing her ambitions is not in the cards for her. She will steer clear away from topics about her career aspirations, plans, and profession and choose to focus on what you do and your earnings. 

5.     She seduces you to get things

Manipulation is her favorite weapon. Once she is comfortable around you, she will find a way to convince you to take care of her extra expenses, and then before you know it, you will be her source of money, paying off her loans, rent, and financing her unnecessary comforts. 



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