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How to know if she truly loves you

Give her this test to see if she loves you (Do it today).

Guys, how do you always feel when you realize you love someone who doesn't appreciate your time? It is a feeling that maybe you don't want to go through again, right?

Sometimes it is better to give a woman a test to see if whether you are just wasting your time or not.

If provided you realize you are wasting your energy and time on her, then it is just better you let her go.

Your time is so valuable that you should not spend it on something who do not see importance in appreciating it.

Let's say you two have been in a relationship for sometime now and you feel like things are not just going on as they should be.

Like, things do not just favor you as a man in the relationship. What we want you to do is to give her a test.

A test that will let you know if you are still on the same page with the woman or not. If provided, the results come out as negative, just relax and know who you are dealing with.

We want you to stay calm while giving her this test because, if you don't stay calm, you might overreact and maybe she maybe afraid.

This test is not to make her feel pressured or something, we want her to feel free and relaxed too. In that case, you will get the correct answer you are looking for.

This gadget you call a phone, keeps almost every secret a girl might want to keep. It has all the information about the woman.

It saves all the contacts and messages from those guys she speaks to. Therefore, our test relies on her phone.

So this is what we want you to do; invite her over to your place and let her come (if she can come). If she cannot come, set a date and make sure she shows up.

When she comes, keep the environment favorable to her through conversation. Make her feel at home.

Then all over sudden, we want you to tell her this, "Babe, let's exchange phones for the next three hours then I'll give it back to you".

Keep calm and make sure you don't overreact or show some seriousness. Just make it seem normal to her so that you can be able to get her response.

Now, you are likely to get one of the following responses from her as a result of that complement.

1. She will become emotional.

When you realize that her moods have changed suddenly, it means she doesn't want it to happen. She is not willing to give you her phone. What to do, don't start fighting with her or be harsh to her, just be calm and smile and tell her, it's okay.

But make sure you don't believe her after that incidence. Let her leave if possible because there are high chances you two are no longer on the same Page.

2. She will give it to you.

When a woman is truly in love with you, she will be able to do anything just to make you happy. So if she loves you, instead of being emotional, she will only smile and tell you, "Sure, just have it" or something like that.

That girl loves you truly, and it means you guys are still on the same page. Don't doubt her because she loves you truly.

Therefore, if you give a woman this test, and she responds in either one of the two ways, just know what to do afterwards.

That's all we have for you, we wish you good luck in your relationship. Follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like share and comment.

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