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Dating Romantic

Men Look at a woman's past relationships & Vet her.

Look at a woman's past relationships & Vet her.

If she dated "thugs" that's a red flag. That's a wild woman, she belongs to the streets.

Learn from Will Smith he married Jada a woman infatuated with thugs - Tupac.

Don't try to save her, she doesn't wanna be saved. Before you go on & try to be Superman remember, 99.9% of the time, whenever you try to help a woman out of a bad situation, you usually put yourself in one.

You'll dig yourself into an abyss of misery trying to save her If she has a history of rewarding evil, she'll not appreciate good deeds.

She'll accept them but not appreciate them. And eventually, sooner or later, she will punish you for them. It’s not a matter of if. Just when.

In simple terms, yes she can be with you the good guy & she'll be accepting of your good gestures of making her feel special like a Goddess but in reality she'll always thirst for that bad boy who treated her like shit.

She doesn't want to be PEDESTALIZED but OBJECTIFIED As twisted as it is, that's just how it is.

She'll reward the sins of "strength" & punish the good deeds of "weakness". Don't try to save that woman!!!

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