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Top 6 Things A Girl Wants From A Man But Won't Ask For

1) Giving them a long walk.

Every girl like to have a long walk with their lovers especially to have lovely talks. They will let everyone see her with the responsible man. She will not tell her man she loves to have a walk with him but her man will detect that himself from her constant demand for it.

2) Constant support.

Support is one of the things that every girl wants but won't ask for it directly from a man. Having someone to watch your back in career, life, education or any other decisions of life is always a boon. Supporting in a positive and efficient manner is important as approval from your loved ones gives confidence in moving ahead in your choices and decisions. Sometimes a girl just wants to hear a word of comfort or a willful listener to see your support.

3) A shoulder to cry on.

No matter how mature a girl is, she will always wants a man to cry on during the time of despair. She expects from her husband to empathize with her, understand her and tell her he is their for her.

4) Buying them new clothes.

It is the responsibility of a man to but a girl a new clothe. By doing so it will strengthen a man's love for her. She will be proud of you among her friends as a caring person.

5) Attention.

A girl do not want a husband who is more attracted to his smartphone than her. She always expects you to listen to her with attention. Do not brush aside her concerns or worries as trivial. Pay attention to her when she needs you. It reflects your love for her.

6) Not checking her phone or emails.

Ladies do not like men who keeps on checking their phones or emails purposely to know their friends.

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