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Toxic Masculinity Habits Kenyan Men Practice.

Some men have conformed to rigid traditional gender roles to make them appear rough, masculine and powerful.

This sense of identity has made them avoid indulging in certain activities so as not to appear weak to other men or even women.

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Here are some of the most peculiar and interesting toxic masculinity traits that Kenyan men are obsessed with:

1. They can not share chores at home.

Some men have grown to believe that they are not supposed to share chores at home with their wives. This has been an oasis of challenges that has yield separation and divorce by many couples.

2. They do not trust women.

One of the most common toxic traits that Kenyan men have made themselves to is not believing in what their woman says. A man who believes in what her woman says is said to be simple."

3. No hugging.

Kenyan men can never share a hug in public or private. This is because those who hug are considered to be gay.

The above are just some of the toxic masculine habits that Kenyan men have. Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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