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How to move on quickly after a break up

separating from your partner and going to a place where you can nolonger talk to each other is normally very challenging. It is normal to break down because you were literally attached to your partner but it is also important you take action towards bouncing back. Here are some tips for you to overcome a heartbreak.

1 take control of your emotions. heartbreak are normally hard to handle but it is important that you don't let yourself sink into depression. Instead of laying in the house all day look for something you can do to keep yourself preoccupied. Look for a new community of people that do what you enjoy doing and this will help you get over the break up.

2 accept the reality of the situation. it is not helpful for you to deny the reality that you are nolonger together. Acceptance is one of the step towards moving forward. Don't try to force things however painful it might be this will help you move forward. What is your opinion leave a comment below .

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