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Simple Things A Man Can Do To Keep A Lady Happy

Men try so much to understand women but fail. It's not that women cannot be understood but it is the fact that men are trying so hard when it is simple as a b c d. There is a notion that no one knows what women want even women themselves.

In this article we are going to talk about simple things one can do to keep his relationship happy and long lasting.

1. Loyalty

Loyalty is key to any relationship, ladies would like to know that it's only them in your life and there is no other lady outside your relationship can get you away from her.

2. Honest

Being honest of who you are is the easiest way to a woman's heart. If you want your lady happy be honest with her. Even when you make a mistake do not try and cover it up be upfront with her about it.

3. Time

No matter how busy you are always try your best to give your lady time. This will show her how much you value her and nothing in the world is more important than her in your life.

4. Security

Lady needs to know that her man will defend her both emotionally and physically. She needs to assured that whether her she is there not you will protect her name.

What are other things one can do to make there relationship strong. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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