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What Different Types Of Cuddles Actually Mean And Their Benefits

Cuddling is touching each other in the calmest manner. Here are different types of cuddles what they actually mean.

1. The spoon cuddle- This type of cuddling is common among newly married couples and dating couples. It gives a sense of physical closeness and is a very intimate form of cuddling. It is also called the ultimate cuddling position.

2. The touch- This type of cuddle indicates that your are trying to cuddle. The intimacy isn't really there like it used to be earlier. It shows how you have grown to become independent and no longer clinging onto your partner for anything in life.

3. The honeymoon hug- In this cuddle both partners are face to face with each other. It is a common position done before and after making love. It shows that both of them are really attached to each other and are in the most intimate phase of their relationship.

4. The royal position- This is the position where the man sleeps facing upwards while the lady rests her head on his shoulders. It depicts how the man has a sense of entitlement and ego in in the relationship. The woman admires her man and trusts his every judgement.

5. The leg cuddle- This is the most common cuddle that couples prefer. It is just a matter of sleeping with your legs interlocked. This indicates that you are there for your partner.

6. The sweetheart cuddle- It is often used when one of the partners wants to be nurtured with love. The man lies on his back then the lady rests her head on his chest. The trusts a strong bond between the two.

7. The lap pillow- This is simply laying your head on your partner's lap. It makes both in a vulnerable position.

Benefits Of cuddling.

1. Cuddling in a therapeutic way can actually relief you from body pains.

2. Placing hands on your partners body helps balance energy levels which promotes natural healing.

3. Holding hands or hugging lowers one's systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

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