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Why taking a break from your relationship is a good idea.

Taking a break is always a good idea especially when one loose their sence of self care. If you are always doing everything for your partner and put them first ahead of your needs it can be too overwhelming. if this happens a break can be a good idea because if you continue pushing yourself things might scramble on you which might lead to a breakup.

Taking a break will also build back the attraction in the relationship and helps you build a clear intent of what you really want from the relationship. If you are forcing something to work you have to put more work and this might leave you drained.

Another situation where taking a break can be of help is when your partner is being disrespectful and you are having a hard time setting boundaries . Nobody wants to be controlled and this will make you loose interest in the relationship if it continues this taking a break can be a good idea.

What is your opinion, do you think it is okay for partners to take a break apart for them to rekindle their love leave a comment below.

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